It’s the Cat Days (Daze) of Summer!

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My cat Mr. T generally likes to go outside to play, and terrorize the birds and lizards, but now that the triple digit temps have arrived, he prefers to take extended siestas inside. 

The desert heat is at least a “dry heat”, not a humid heat like in Miami and the rest of the East Coast, so we have that to be grateful for.

The dry heat really isn’t that bad, but when you walk outside, sometimes it’s like that wave of hot heat when you open the oven door, for instance.

According to our local paper, from 1995 to 2009, the average humidity ranged from 26.01 per cent to 38.53 per cent.  Apparently, the desert winds help to whisk away any humidity there might be here.

People sometimes compare our hot seasons with the cold seasons of more northern climes, with regards to the effect it has on humans and animals, making us want to stay inside for the most part. 

Coming from the Northeast, I must say I prefer the hot season in the desert to the cold season of northern climates, for several reasons.  One being that there is no ice on the roads,  and no need to shovel snow or remove frost from windshields.

I’ve always enjoyed hot weather more than cold weather, so I guess I’m in the right place!

It’s always nice to have the best of both or all worlds, but if one has to be in one place, the California desert, which is only two and half miles from Los Angeles, is a great place to be.

The home prices are very reasonable, whether one is looking for a condo, ranch, family home or luxury property, compared to coastal areas.

Mr. T, my cat here, would probably say, “Cats off to the desert!” if he could.  😉

He doesn’t seem to mind the lazy, hazy days of summer in the desert at all.

Helen Mirren Appears IN PERSON at Palme D’Or!

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Helen Mirren, one of the best actresses of our times, actually came to Palm Desert in spite of triple digit temps to talk with the audience at our local art house movie theatre Palme D’Or  after the screening last night of her latest film “Love Ranch” directed by her husband, Taylor Hackford, who also appeared last night with Helen.  Bryan Cranston, the owner of Palme D’Or and star of the TV hit “Malcolm in the Middle”,  also had a minor, but memorable, role in the film and he served as the moderator of the Q & A and discussion with Helen and Taylor after the film. 

The film “Love Ranch” was not top on my list of films to see since the subject matter (based on a story about a colorful couple who ran a whorehouse in Nevada) didn’t seem terribly appealing, BUT since Helen Mirren herself was going to appear and answer questions and reveal more about herself, I had to go.  It’s not that often that one gets to see an actress of that stature in person.

It was also interesting to hear her cohorts, husband Taylor and co-actor Bryan, share their views and experiences with regards to the craft of acting and making films.

In the beginning of the film, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the film much, but as the film progressed, I found it more and more engaging, until at the end, I was wiping tears from my eyes in several scenes.  I think Helen was brilliant in it, and I was also very impressed with Joe Pesci and newcomer Sergio Peris-Mencheta’s performances.  They were all very convincing as their characters.

It’s hard to imagine Helen Mirren playing the role of a woman who co-runs a whorehouse but somehow she does it, despite her irrepressible aristocratic bearing.  She always brings a compelling intensity to every role that she plays.

I highly recommend this film to others, giving it at least 3 stars.

Helen Mirren, Taylor Hackford and Bryan Cranston at Palme D'Or

Top 10 Things to Do in Palm Springs in the Summer

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Have a cool one at Desert Fox Bar!


Many people such as myself are building their businesses and also due to the economy feel it’s best to take care of business and have a staycation here.
It can be tough being stuck here in the desert during the summer, due to the temperature reaching the triple digits almost every day, but here are some of my favorite things to do to escape the heat.  

So here it goes ~ my Top Ten Favorite To Dos in the Desert in the Summer:

  1. See lots of movies, especially at the Palme D’Or, where they feature many of the less mainstream films.
  2. Treat yourself frequently to frozen yogurt at The Golden Spoon.
  3. Take more siestas!
  4. Watch some of your favorite TV shows.
  5. Catch up on your summer reading!
  6. Surf the internet.
  7. Swim in your pool at night, and float on your back and gaze at the stars above! We’ve got great views of the constellation from here!
  8. Go to your favorite restaurants and bars that are still open for the summer, and indulge.  (Drink responsibly! There are frequent checkpoints!)
  9. Get a spa treatment! Rates are heavily discounted in the summer.
  10. Get out of town and to the beach or mountains for a day or so! Longer, if possible!

What is YOUR favorite past-time to beat the summer heat?

Hip New Bar in Palm Springs~ Desert Fox Bar

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A cool place to be, for cool people!

Interior of Desert Fox Bar


Come on down to downtown Palm Springs to the new hip hot spot to cool down: Desert Fox Bar, located across from the Hyatt. Full bar and a nice selection of icy cold beers, with Happy Hour from 4 to 6 pm. It’s a great addition to the mix in downtown Palm Springs.
224 N. Palm Canyon Dr.

Phone: 760-325-9555.