Have a cool one at Desert Fox Bar!


Many people such as myself are building their businesses and also due to the economy feel it’s best to take care of business and have a staycation here.
It can be tough being stuck here in the desert during the summer, due to the temperature reaching the triple digits almost every day, but here are some of my favorite things to do to escape the heat.  

So here it goes ~ my Top Ten Favorite To Dos in the Desert in the Summer:

  1. See lots of movies, especially at the Palme D’Or, where they feature many of the less mainstream films.
  2. Treat yourself frequently to frozen yogurt at The Golden Spoon.
  3. Take more siestas!
  4. Watch some of your favorite TV shows.
  5. Catch up on your summer reading!
  6. Surf the internet.
  7. Swim in your pool at night, and float on your back and gaze at the stars above! We’ve got great views of the constellation from here!
  8. Go to your favorite restaurants and bars that are still open for the summer, and indulge.  (Drink responsibly! There are frequent checkpoints!)
  9. Get a spa treatment! Rates are heavily discounted in the summer.
  10. Get out of town and to the beach or mountains for a day or so! Longer, if possible!

What is YOUR favorite past-time to beat the summer heat?