Fashion Show at El Paseo Village Hosted by Tim Gunn

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The fashion show at the tent behind the newly opened El Paseo Village was packed with extremely enthusiastic fashionistas. Tim Gunn, the co-host of the hit reality show “Project Runway” and Chief Creative Officer of Liz Claiborne, was the master of ceremonies and was warmly received. He is the epitome of class, style and gentility, and so nice on top of everything. The crowd also showed their ardent support for Palm Springs designer Michael Costello, featured on “Project Runway”,who also appeared on stage for a while.

The beautiful models showcased the fashions of the newly opened stores in El Paseo Village, including Juicy Couture, Bebe, Kate Spade and Lucky Brand Jeans.

I couldn’t really detect any real NEW fashion news, but it was all pretty good.  I can’t say I’m a big fan of “hot pants” which seem to be “in” these days, nor wide horizontal stripes.  But some of the perennial favorites of mine that were showcased included a lacy dress from Lucky Brand Jeans, which Tim Gunn said was “diaphanous” ( I had to look up that spelling!), form-fitting satin dresses, a silver short cocktail dress from Kate Spade that would be PERFECT for a New Year’s Eve party, and some fun jewelry.

Tim Gunn, co-host of "Project Runway"

First Art Walk of the 2010 Season on El Paseo

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For those of you who don’t know, the popular Art Walk on El Paseo in the heart of Palm Desert takes place on the first Thursday of every month of our season, beginning with October and ending in May.

The leisurely gallery-hopping starts around 5:30 pm and goes until about 9 pm at the latest.  Since El Paseo is a long stretch, there are yellow golf carts that are driven by friendly drivers who pick up and drop off gallery-goers who might get weary of all the walking, or those who just want to save time and pack in as many galleries in one night.

Jones & Terwilliger Galleries on El Paseo


We first went into the Jones & Terwilliger Galleries.  They also have a gallery in Carmel-By-The-Sea. We were astounded by the incredible artistic talent on display. Art Consultant Rale Potic was very informative with regards to the artists and their techniques. 

Then we went into S. R. Brennen Gallery, where the fine art rivaled what we had just seen in the other gallery!

S.R. Brennen Gallery on El Paseo


Party central was at Copal Fine Art, owned by Alicia Armstrong, which features eclectic, edgy works of mid-century and contemporary art, from paintings to sculptures.  We met many old friends and made some new friends there, which is one of the prime reasons for going on Art Walk in the first place!

We also wandered into a new store featuring Chinese antiques and works of art, but mostly Chinese furniture and home decor items. Next we explored a new store featuring upscale patio furniture and met the French owner who just so happened to be there, however he is usually in the store headquarters in Pasadena.

That was all we had time to explore last night, and so we are looking forward to the next Art Walk which will happen on Nov. 4th.  

Hope to see you there!

PS  The “Book of Tiki” Art Exhibition on Oct. 2 at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs was very interesting and drew a good crowd. We love the art of SHAG, and own one of his silk screen prints and a couple of his books, so it’s always fun to see his latest work.

M Modern gallery hosted a Tiki art exhibition

The SHAG exhibition at M Modern