Classical Pianist Knut in Koncert at the Desert Fox Bar

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Knut Erik Jensen & Wendy Campbell

It’s not that common that one hears about a classical piano concert happening at a bar, but that is exactly what happened last night, Nov. 21, 2010, at the Desert Fox Bar in downtown Palm Springs. 

My husband owns the Desert Fox Bar, and it took some effort from me to convince him to finally agree to sponsor the concert there.

It was also my idea to have the open mic night every Monday night at the Desert Fox Bar, and it was at one of those “Music Mondays” that I met Knut Jensen, who hails from Norway, and was impressed with his great talent at playing classical music on our piano.  I was not the only one impressed either, as the entire audience at the bar showed their enthusiastic appreciation with loud applause and hoots every time he finished playing a composition.

Last night, he drew a similarly appreciative audience, as he played compositions by not only the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, but also, “the evergreens” as Knut calls them: popular composers such as Beevthoven and Chopin.

Even a little doggie appreciated Knut’s piano-playing and wanted to get in on the act!

Knut charmed the audience not only with his piano-playing but his warm personality.  He is available to play at your home parties as well and can be reached at 760-808-2080 or His website is

Another idea: make Desert Fox Bar your favorite hangout, or have your company parties there.  It’s a small intimate room, so if you have under 50 people in your company or party, please keep that in mind.  It’s a stylish spot in downtown Palm Springs and we have friendly staff waiting on you! For more information, please visit .

Here in the desert, many people from colder climates, whom we refer to as “Snowbirds”, come to enjoy our sunny, dry weather and many restaurants are open for Thanksgiving, for a wide range of budgets.

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Wendy’s Wish for a Wild Horse

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Wild horses, my favorite on the right side

I was reading my daily newspaper and saw an ad for wild horses that were up for adoption by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).  The idea of at least seeing wild horses up close really peaked my interest, since I am an avid horse lover, even though, alas, I have no place to keep an adopted horse.  I would only get a horse if I owned a lot of acreage where the horse could run free and yet get plenty of attention from me.  Boarding it somewhere else just wouldn’t do.

On this past Friday, I went over to take a look at them since they were at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio, and could be previewed before the adoption process would commence the following day.

I took at look at them and fell in love with one marked with a tag that said “Sorrel  5010”, who seemed to also take a liking to me.  “Sorrel”, as I discovered after a google search, means a reddish-copper coat on a horse, and the word is often interchangeable with the world “chestnut” in describing this color of a horse.  Sorrel is the term used more commonly on the west coast, whereas chestnut is the term more frequently used on the east coast.

After talking to a couple of the BLM employees, I learned alot more about wild horses. The employees were actually sitting atop horses that were formerly wild.  In fact, I was told that the term “wild horse” really means a “scared horse”, one that has not yet been acclimated to being around human beings.  The process of taming a horse can take as little as two weeks. I’m not sure, though, if that also meant one could even tame a formerly “wild” or scared horse enough to ride it, but one of the BLM employees seemed to imply that even that was possible.

One horse was in an enclosed area by himself, and he seemed very wild, since he was running around and stopped every so often to call out loudly, seemingly to the two BLM employees atop their horses going the opposite direction.

Formerly a wild horse, now a working horse

However, I found out that this horse was once a wild horse, but is now used by one of the BLM employees for wrangling the other horses.  I was told that the reason he was making such a commotion was because he was jealous of the other two horses being ridden by the BLM employees who were exercising them, and he was calling out for attention, wanting to join them.  I was close to him on the other side of the rails but his intense energy was powerful and a little frightening, especially since he was so big!

At the end of the day, as much as I wanted one of these gorgeous creatures as a pet, especially “Sorrel 5010”, and I was already thinking about what I would name him, and came up with the name “Taj”, I realized that as it is, just taking care of my three cats is a bit of a handful, especially if I take out of town trips and need someone to take care of them. Not to mention in these times of financial uncertainty, it’s not exactly wise to take on a pet, that even though initially could be bought for $125 from the BLM, would end up costing about $1000 a month to care for.

The dream still lives on, however, my wish for a wild horse, but for now I have fond memories of my meeting with Taj.

For more information on how to adopt a Wild Horse and/or Wild Burro, you can contact the Bureau of Land Management by calling them at 1-866-4Mustangs (1-866-468-7826) and visit their website at .

Great Deals in Real Estate in the Coachella Valley!

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Golf Course Home with Private Pool & Spa

I am so glad that our Season is here, not only because of all the fun things to do now as in fashion shows, polo games, parties and outdoor activities, but because the snowbirds are back and they are buying real estate!

And why not, when the prices have not been better in years! Many believe that the prices have not only stablized but that they are slowly climbing. This seems to be the case in many areas here in the Coachella Valley.

I’ve got some excellent listings including a golf course home with a private pool and spa in Indian Springs Country Club on the border of La Quinta and Indio.  The view in the back is pictured above and it is one of the best priced single family homes on the golf course in the Coachella Valley at $449,000.

A View of 3 bedroom, 2 Bath Condo on Golf Course, Indian Palms CC

Also on the golf course is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in the popular Indian Palms Country Club centrally located in Indio, and right around the corner from two world class polo clubs, which I have listed at $194,000.

Entrance to Indian Palms CC

In Trilogy, a 55+ active adult community located in southeast La Quinta, I have listed at beautiful single family home built in 2004 with many upgrades, offered at $365,000.

2 Bedrooms + Media Room/Office in Trilogy

In Palm Springs, I have a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo listed for $149,000 (wow!) in Palm Springs Country Club.

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Condo in Palm Springs CC

Finally, I have a very cute studio listing in Shadow Mountain Resort for $155,000, the best priced in that development and a classic desert resort.

Studio in Shadow Mountain Resort

All of the listings above also offer community pools and spas, and more! Call me for details.

If you are interested in investment properties, such as the foreclosed properties and short sales, I have access to all those listings– just let me know what area and price range and the particulars of what you are looking for and I can find it for you.  I have helped buyers find just what they are looking for! And I just successfully completed a short sale listing, getting it sold in a timely manner.

The same thing with Luxury Estates, and area of which I have some successful experience and knowledge– once you share with me the area and price range along with your Wish List, I can help you find what you are looking for! We at Prudential have many luxury listings across the Coachella Valley and I have access to every listing here.

Luxury equestrian listing which I successfully listed & sold

So call me on my cell at 760-587-6009 if you need assistance with making your real estate dreams come true here in the desert!