Knut Erik Jensen & Wendy Campbell

It’s not that common that one hears about a classical piano concert happening at a bar, but that is exactly what happened last night, Nov. 21, 2010, at the Desert Fox Bar in downtown Palm Springs. 

My husband owns the Desert Fox Bar, and it took some effort from me to convince him to finally agree to sponsor the concert there.

It was also my idea to have the open mic night every Monday night at the Desert Fox Bar, and it was at one of those “Music Mondays” that I met Knut Jensen, who hails from Norway, and was impressed with his great talent at playing classical music on our piano.  I was not the only one impressed either, as the entire audience at the bar showed their enthusiastic appreciation with loud applause and hoots every time he finished playing a composition.

Last night, he drew a similarly appreciative audience, as he played compositions by not only the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, but also, “the evergreens” as Knut calls them: popular composers such as Beevthoven and Chopin.

Even a little doggie appreciated Knut’s piano-playing and wanted to get in on the act!

Knut charmed the audience not only with his piano-playing but his warm personality.  He is available to play at your home parties as well and can be reached at 760-808-2080 or His website is

Another idea: make Desert Fox Bar your favorite hangout, or have your company parties there.  It’s a small intimate room, so if you have under 50 people in your company or party, please keep that in mind.  It’s a stylish spot in downtown Palm Springs and we have friendly staff waiting on you! For more information, please visit .

Here in the desert, many people from colder climates, whom we refer to as “Snowbirds”, come to enjoy our sunny, dry weather and many restaurants are open for Thanksgiving, for a wide range of budgets.

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!