A surfer surveys the waves at Malibu Colony Beach

One of the great benefits of living in the desert, as we call the desert cities of which the most famous is Palm Springs, is that if you can’t take the heat of the summer here, you can just hop in your car, and in approximately in two and half hours, you will be at the fabulous beaches of Malibu!

I was there yesterday for the Malibu Arts Festival, where there were many artists and artisans there with their arts and crafts.  There were also food trucks and live music, to round out the fun experience.

After that I headed almost directly across the street to the Malibu Colony Beach, which is mostly reserved for surfers.  That’s fine with me, because I love to watch the surfers and the water is too cold for me to swim in it anyway.

The extra added bonus of going to this beach is that you walk down a dirt path past the Malibu Lagoon where many varieties of birds flock and it is surrounded by many fragrant shrubs and flowers.  It’s a great little nature walk. Some of the birds that you will see there are great blue herons, white egrets, seagulls, pelicans, terns and others.

Brown Pelicans dominate this crowd of birds in the Malibu Lagoon

After enjoying the joyous scene at the beach of surfers and children frolicking at the edge of the shore, I decided to head over to the newly reopened Malibu Inn.

Although they need to seriously improve their food (I had to return two different dishes, and I rarely ever return anything), the service was excellent and it was a great place to meet the very interesting Malibu locals, many who are connected to the entertainment industry.

After leaving there around 9:45 pm, I was home around midnight after another glorious getaway to the legendary seaside town of Malibu, and back to my beloved desert home.