Choose Realtor Wendy Campbell to List Your Luxury Estate: Here’s Why!

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Equestrian estate in La Quinta, in the Vista Santa Rosa area

At a board meeting the other day in Palm Springs, one of the speakers said that he advises owners of luxury real estate to hold on to their properties to ride out this sluggish, cruel market.

 However, I noticed that my broker, who sells luxury listings like clockwork every week, and who was also on the panel, did not concur with the other broker’s opinion. That is probably because of her amazing ability and leadership position in selling luxury real estate in the Coachella Valley!  She works hard at it too. “Obsessed” is a word that some apply to her drive! Since this little article is a commercial for me and not for her, I will leave her unnamed for the time-being.  But call me and I’ll tell you who she is if you don’t know already! I feel privileged to work in the same office with her, and her team, and actually in a way, I am a part of her team and vice versa, since I sometimes do open houses for them, and also when I have questions about situations that come up in my real estate deals, I get advice from them.  So, it’s a win-win all around! 

The property in the photo above, is a listing I had, which started out listed as over $10 million! Other listing agents had the listing, but when it expired, I was persistent in persuading the owner/seller to award me with the listing.  I started out listing it for around $8.25 million.  But as the summer wore on, the price came down to $6.95 million, still a hefty price tag for most people. To make a long story short, I showed it to an agent and his clients (who coincidentally enough had refused to look at it previously with me because of the price tag, and so I showed them another property, but lost contact with them).  Since it was summer, and my client was cutting corners with the upkeep of the 9.44 acre property, I put in a good three days of personally cleaning, trimming trees and shrubs, picking up litter and overseeing the clean-up of the pool and windows to make it presentable.  So by the time the agent and his clients came to see the property, it was back in dazzling shape. I left the agent and his clients alone at the estate to savor and fall in love with the place.  And they did. We received an offer.  But for only $3 million!  I needed some armor to put on before I presented that to the seller, who I knew would be extremely unhappy with that offer.  As it turns out, he did not want to even counter it, although I convinced him to at least counter something, but it was not enough. As it turns out, since my client, the seller, had agreed to the clause  in the listing contract, that anyone I showed the property to while it was my listing, I would be able to receive a commission for the time frame (after the listing expired ) as specified in the contract. Therefore, even though the buyers’ agent negotiated a short sale after my listing officially expired, I did receive a reduced commission, when it finally sold to the buyers a few months down the road. For $3.6 million. What a deal for the buyers.  My seller was able to move on with his life and his investments on the East Coast. 

It was the largest sale of the east Coachella Valley of the year, 2010. I feel I certainly deserved that commission since I put my all into that listing, which I do for all my listings, but for luxury listings, since the stakes are higher and since it takes a special outreach to find the right buyer from the smaller pool of buyers for luxury real estate, I go far beyond that to achieve my goals on behalf of the seller that I represent. Since this property was an equestrian property, I advertised in equestrian magazines as well as luxury real estate magazines. I also hosted a Broker’s Open House, serving champagne, caviar, wine and other appetizers along with red roses, since it was around Valentine’s Day.  Brokers and realtors came and were wowed by the property. I purchased a large sign on wooden stakes that advertised the features of the property and it was placed on the main thoroughfare, next to the little road leading to the property.  I hired the people from Real Estate Showcase to come over and film me and the property for their TV show which airs every night on local TV, and is available 24/7 on-line. I made custom brochures.  I advertised in the local newspaper, the Desert Sun. 

I even actually pitched the property to several different groups of real estate investors in Dubai during my short trip there!

That was fun!

I personally networked with luxury realtors, especially those who specialized in equestrian properties, in Malibu and Rancho Santa Fe.  I put up flyers in upscale equestrian stores and stables in those areas, and here in the valley. And of course, as I mentioned above, I oversaw the intensified upkeep of the property so that it showed in the best light possible. You could say that I get “obsessed” with successfully selling my listings,and especially when I am charged with selling a luxury listing, I move into turbo-charged high gear. While it is true that there are some luxury estates that have been sold lately as foreclosed properties or short sales, the majority of them are standard sales.  As with most real estate, these luxury estates often sell at  prices that are discounted compared to what they could have sold for during the real estate bubble and before the crash of 2008, however, depending on your situation, you still might find it advantageous to sell now, at a discount, and then buy somewhere else, also at a discount.  Or take your proceeds and put them to good use in another venture, whatever that may be. You can count on me, Wendy Campbell, a full-time realtor and resident of the desert, to perform a stellar job listing, promoting and selling your luxury estate.  For those who wish to buy luxury real estate, I have a thorough knowledge of and access to all the luxury estates actively listed on the MLS.  If you want someone who can expertly guide you and assist you in acquiring a luxury estate here in the Coachella Valley, please contact me directly.

 The best way to reach me is by calling me on my cell phone: 760-587-6009.


Trifecta Perfecta! The Desert, The City & The Beach

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Desert Living, fantastic in the winter months!

Southern California offers such a rich diversity of wonderful places to live! If you have the means, you can choose to also have a second or even third home! Why not?

A home in the desert, whether it’s your primary, secondary or tertiary, is very desirable for so many reasons, as people who have been here know.

During the winter and spring months, it’s simply divine weather here, for the most part.  Surrounded by mountains, groves of palm trees, blossoming trees and colorful flowers in great abundance, what is not to like? Rain is unusual, and so hiking, biking, golfing, tennis, swimming and horseback riding are the order of the day. Or watching polo games, shopping along El Paseo, dining at our many restaurants may be. It’s all up to you! At night, there are the casinos, or concerts and top entertainers at the McCallum Theatre, or take in a newly released hot movie. So much to do, so little time!

The fabulous modern contemporary home pictured above is in Palm Springs, however each desert city offers its own charms and attractions. Palm Springs has the world class cachet and world recognition, but some of the best luxury real estate in the desert can also be found in Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells and La Quinta.

During the year, you might get the itch for some Big City excitement. What better place to go than the new L.A.Live area, the new Times Square West area, around the Staples Center of downtown LA?

Fabulous new condos in downtown LA!

I explored some of the new condos in downtown LA, and I was impressed! I took the photo above from the pool area of the EVO condos, a 24 story, eco-friendly constructed complex.  The two sister condo buildings at the left of the photo, the Elleven and the Luma condos sold out immediately when they were completed during the hey-day of real estate buying, just before the 2008 crash.  There are some resales in there now, some short sales and some foreclosures, for the bargain-hunting buyers.  However, at EVO, which is brand new construction, there are now only 30 units left to buy.  The great downtown location with all its entertainment venues, along with many amenities that come with the condos, and most importantly, the spectacular views afforded by the walls of glass, combined, make these condos quite attractive indeed! Prices at EVO start at around the low $500,000s.

I understand that it’s mostly owner-occupied in these condos, which attract mostly professionals who work in downtown LA, but also many empty nesters.

To step it up quite a few notches, there are the fabulous new condos at the Ritz-Carlton Residences.  This building can be seen to the far right of the photo above, and is a spectacular, blue-hued tower that sparkles at night.  I learned that they just closed escrow on their first condo residence just recently! About one third of the condos are still available, and most are still waiting to be completed.  These condos with spectacular floor to ceiling views have attracted top entertainment figures in music and sports, as well as those who can afford this level of luxury and want to be in the midst of all the excitement that L.A. Live has to offer.  Don’t forget the Walt Disney Hall is close by as well as too many interesting markets, venues, restaurants and attractions to list here!  Prices start at around $800,000 and the amenities are top-notch, as you can imagine!

Finally, on a hot day, where else would you want to be but at the beach?  And perhaps the most amazing stretch of beachfront properties to be found in the world are in Malibu!

To have a house on the beach in Malibu would be like a dream come true in many people’s minds, and there is quite the variety of homes to choose from along this rarified 27 mile stretch of shoreline.

Spectacular views from this newly built Malibu beach house!

Last time I looked, they were asking $14 million for this newly constructed home with this to-die-for view of the Pacific Ocean.  I have a feeling that if it is still available, it is listed for considerably less.  However it does have a great location on Malibu Road, very near Malibu Colony, which is gated and perhaps the priciest real estate in Malibu.

If you watch the Bravo show “Million Dollar Listing” like I do, you can see that there are spectacular houses on the beach in Malibu listed for in the $5 million range now. Amazing but true!

Now that our MLS encompasses real estate from the desert to the sea, I can help you make your dreams come true, from a fabulous desert getaway, to a condo in the midst of  the excitement of downtown LA, to the best beachfront property perhaps in the world!